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Lone Pine Donation Drive

December 13, 2017 @ 8:00 am – December 24, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

As part of our Indigenous Voices program for 2017, we have selected the residents of Lone Pine Village for our annual holiday season donation drive.

There are roughly 43 people living at the Lone Pine Village in-lieu site. There are 31 fishing and 6 in-lieu sites from Bonneville Dam to McNary Dam where Native People, displaced decades ago by the dams, were promised housing and did not receive it. Many are marginalized, perhaps not an enrolled member of any tribe so not receiving money through the tribe. Most make their living by fishing, and the fishing was poor this year. The people are living in broken down trailers and Pickup campers that leak, have broken windows, and are not winter weatherized. They get their water from the community bathroom but say it is not clean, so they have to boil it. Not all have electricity. Some are running power cords from the bathroom electrical outlets to their trailers. A couple of folks have gas powered generators. Two families have ability to burn wood for heat. Most are heating with propane, and need large canisters and campstove sized canisters to run space heaters. The people have NO storage space.

The donation drive will be continuing through Christmas. Please bring items to donate to

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
5000 Discovery Drive
The Dalles OR 97058

Call for information: 541-296-8600 x 201 Front Desk, or ext. 215 for Susan Buce. (Drop off at the downstairs offices, you’ll find the doors at the end of the service entrance driveway)

There are 43 people in all living at the site, 29 adults and 14 Children, ages infant to teenagers, living at Lone Pine including ages 2-3, 5-6,  8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 19. This count fluctuates often as people move in and move out on a regular basis. These numbers fluctuate regularly as people move out and move in.

What they DON’T need: lightweight summer clothing, impractical lightweight shoes (ie sandals, high heels), ripped and torn clothing or blankets, dirty and soiled items (they have no laundry facilities).

While there are other charitable donation drives happening for needy families throughout the gorge, we thank folks who are donating to our neighbors at Lone Pine. The biggest gift you give is letting these neighbors know the community cares.