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Traveling Trunks for Your Classroom

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum’s Traveling Trunks include everything a teacher needs to bring a lesson plan to life! Whether you home-school or teach in a public, charter or private school; you will definitely want to learn more about this wonderful resource.

Our traveling trunks include museum reproductions, lesson plans, and resource guides, all of which assist a teacher in bringing a more hands on approach into your classroom. Our three custom designed trunks explore Wildflowers, The Oregon Trail, and The Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Call ahead to make an appointment with one of our staff members to learn more; we will be glad to walk you through the contents and explain how each one relates to the specific lesson plan. It is a great idea to bring the traveling trunks into your classroom before a planned field trip; this will allow your students the opportunity to gain more understanding before exploring these subjects more in depth at the museum itself.

Taking-to-the-Trail-Oregon-Trail-Overview-1Taking to the Trail: An Oregon Trail Overview

Grades 4 – 6  Ten Unit Curriculum 
Fee: $10.00 per week   $50.00 refundable security deposit

Recreate an Oregon Trail encampment in your classroom! A ten-unit curriculum guide will walk students along the Oregon Trail and examine why pioneers went westward, how they prepared for the journey, and what challenges they faced along the way. A seven-section map will allow students to move their wagon along the trail as they complete each unit. The Traveling Trunk includes pioneer costumes, craft materials, candle molds and beeswax, pioneer games, pots and pans, and other activities that bring this great migration to life.

Wildflower-Education-Kit-1Wildflower Education Kit

Grades 3 – 6 
Fee: $10.00 per week   $50.00 refundable security deposit

The Columbia River Gorge is home to over one-fourth of Oregon’s total wildflower population. With this kit, students will have fun exploring this abundant resource during the peak of the wildflower season. This Traveling Trunk includes four hands-on activities, hand lenses, plant samples and products, seed samples, geologic time-line cards, and 30 wildflower resource books and posters.

Students-of-Science-Lewis-Clark-Scientific-Method-1Students of Science: Lewis and Clark’s Scientific Method

Grades 4 – 6   Six Unit Curriculum
Fee: $10.00 per week   $50.00 refundable security deposit

Along with their political and economic missions, Lewis and Clark also had scientific goals. Using lessons from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, students explore the scientific process through a five-unit curriculum guide by Observing and Listening, Describing, Collecting, Identifying, and Hypothesizing. The Traveling Trunk includes animal pelts, seed and leaf identifying games, plant specimens, plant presses, microscopes, journals, map making materials and more.