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Raptor Education & Interactive History Exhibit

Educational Tours

Our exhibits are designed for self-touring and are entirely handicap accessible. Pre-arranged tour groups receive an orientation and overview upon arrival.

Educator-Resources-Self-Guided-Tours-columbia-gorge-discovery-centerGuided Tours for Schools and Large Groups

Museum educators, volunteers, student interns, and USDA Forest Service Interpreters are available with an advanced reservation to lead one of seven activities using exhibits to encourage student participation and critical thinking. Plan up to an hour to fully participate in the activities.

For more information, see Planning a Tour.

Educational-Tours-Gray-Force-Nature-1The Life and Times of Columbia River Salmon

Tour Details: Grades 4 – 6  45 minutes    Grades 7 – 12  60 minutes
Students will be introduced to the lifecycle of the Columbia River salmon and the types of salmon found in the Columbia River. Students will then be put into “schools” of salmon and sent down the river and back. As the “schools” brave the river, they will encounter many roadblocks and hazards. Not all of them will make it back to their spawning grounds. Students will learn what efforts are being taken to save the Columbia River salmon.


Animal Habitats in the Gorge

Tour Details: Grades K-4  45 minutes

Students will learn inside and outside of the museum. Student will be guided on an outdoor tour looking for animals and sign of their habitat including the very popular “feeding of the fish” and view our eagles.

Educational-Tours-Gray-Lewis-Clark-Activity-1Skills of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Tour Details: Grades 4 – 12  60 minutes
Students will be involved in “hands-on” activities that members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition needed to survive this most difficult trip.

Educational-Tours-Gray-Force-Nature-1Columbia Gorge: Forces of Nature

Tour Details: Grades 4 – 12  60 minutes
Student will come to appreciate and understand the beauty and uniqueness of the Columbia River Gorge. The program will answer the whys, hows, and whens of the Columbia Gorge in a student-driven format. The program will include a classroom presentation, our museum exhibits presentation, and an outside walk presentation.

Educational-Tours-Gray-Oregon-Wagon-1The Oregon Trail: Decision at The Dalles

Tour Details: Grades 4 – 12  60 minutes
Students will be put into wagon train that has just arrived in The Dalles. They will then take the Barlow Road and float down the Columbia River. They will encounter difficulties and hazard both ways. Then they as a wagon train will decide which would have been the beast decision to get to the Willamette Valley. Each student will be a specific role in the wagon train.

Educational-Tours-Gray-Early-Inhabitants-1Early Inhabitants of the Columbia Gorge

Tour Details: Grades 4 – 12  60 minutes
Student will learn the history and culture of the native people of the Columbia River through a presentation with hands-on artifacts and pictures, inquiry method, and viewing our Native American Exhibit in the Center.

Educational-Tours-Gray-Raptor-Program-1Raptor Discovery

Tour Details: Grades 4 – 12  60 minutes
Students will learn about the birds of prey that live in the Columbia Gorge. Live raptors are presented and students learn about the birds’ characteristics and habitat. Offered in partnership with Rowena Wildlife Clinic. Also available via video conference and outreach.

For outreach availability and pricing, call 541.296.8600, ext. 240.


This is a fun outdoor experience that teaches habitat protection and restoration.  Students participate in identifying and eradicating invasive plant species and restoring native vegetation that promotes water and soil conservation on the Discovery Center grounds.  All tools and materials are provided.  Groups are trained and supervised by Discovery Center staff.  Activities include:
– Taking a census of invasive and native plants
– Removing self-reseeding invasive species to reduce fire fuel
– Establishment of native plants
– Watering of vulnerable seedlings