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“By educating people about raptors and the environmental niche that they fill, we promote a greater understanding and appreciation about the important role of wildlife and the need for habitat preservation. Part of our mission statement is to ‘Inspire Appreciation and Stewardship of the Columbia River Gorge’ and our raptors certainly inspire!”
– Bambi Foy, Raptor Curator

 Through our Adoption Program your support will help in the following ways:

  • Care and housing for our raptors
  • Food and medical expenses
  • Continual training and enrichment of the raptors
  • Training and supplies for volunteers
  • Raptor equipment
  • Educational programming
  • Development of Outreach Programs to reach an even broader audience

The Discovery Center’s Raptor Project receives funds solely from donations, program fees, and grant support, all of which go directly to the care and maintenance of the raptors.

What is the annual cost to care for a raptor including food, supplies, housing, and medical care?

Ferguson (male) Bald Eagle: $650
Liberty (female) Bald Eagle: $650
Josephine (female) Great Horned Owl: $500
Junior (male) Great Horned Owl: $500
Killer the Red Tailed Hawk: $300
Sibley the Pygmy Owl: $150
Hank the American Kestrel: $100

In order to expand the public’s appreciation and knowledge of raptors and to help fund the stewardship of the birds, you can symbolically adopt a Discovery Center raptor. A Raptor Adoption makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life!

There are two ways to Adopt-A-Raptor:

For those of you that prefer paper and pencil, simply Click here to download and print our Adopt-a-Raptor form.  Once complete, send it, along with your payment to the address on the form.


For those of you that prefer an electronic delivery, follow the “Adopt-A-Raptor” link below:

Adopt a Raptor


Not sure which raptor you would like to adopt?  Still want to help? Follow the link below to make a donation to the Raptor Program:

Donate to Raptor Program


Learn about the Raptor Program at the Discovery Center.

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